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Piotr Aleksander Korab

Composer ~ Music & Sound Design


Now available: Two Inventios for solo piano


Posted two new piano scores today.Written during my early conservatory years as part of a series of contemporary Inventios for solo piano.

The first Inventio is sort of in the key of d minor, but goes all over the place tonally and follows the basic principle of a canon, where there is a main theme (Dux) in the right hand melody, in the first two bars. Then, in the third bar, the theme is quickly repeated in the left hand part (Comes), while the upper melody introduces a counter movement.

The second Inventio is somewhat influenced by Debussy and is mostly based on the whole tone scale (also known as the hexatonic scale), which is often used by composers to create a sense of mystery and (a)tonal mischief.The Inventio basically follows the same canon principles as in the first one, but changes in the second half of the piece more into a variation structure, based around the main theme of the first three bars.

Both Inventios can be played just for practice or as a concert piece.

For now...Happy listening and making music!


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