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Piotr Aleksander Korab

Composer ~ Music & Sound Design


Dies Epitaph - pectus gravis

A new piano score is now available, as part of a series of piano works that I'm composing, that reflect the more gloomy side of things we experience sometimes in our lives. Some of the works are also inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's short stories and poetry.

Part I: pectus gravis (heavy heart)

Short arrangement for piano, based on a sketch, originally written for classical guitar in 2010. First segment of a In Memoriam, titled Dies Epitaph (Epitaph Days), that can also be performed separately as a stand-alone work.

* Currently I'm recording some new versions: for piano, strings and acoustic & electric guitar. I'm also planning on recording a new more accurate harpsichord version. Usually I record various different instrumentations when I'm composing. Because of the limited space here I'll put up a link to my soundcloud page once the recordings are done.


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