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Piotr Aleksander Korab

Composer ~ Music & Sound Design

12.09.2014, News
Dies Epitaph - pectus gravis

A new piano score is now available, as part of a series of piano works that I'm composing, that reflect the more gloomy side of things we experience sometimes in our lives.  Some of the works are also inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's short stories ...

26.06.2014, News
Pianist Monique Copper premières Two Inventios

Today I'm happy to announce that the Dutch pianist Monique Copper has premièred my recently published Inventios no 1 & 2 for piano  at the Société des musiciens extraordinaires first music gathering in The Hague, in the Netherlands on 22 june ...

26.06.2014, News
Now available: Two Inventios for solo piano

Hallo, Posted two new piano scores today. Written during my early conservatory years as part of a series of contemporary Inventios for solo piano. The first Inventio is sort of in the key of d minor, but goes all over the place tonally and ...

30.05.2014, News
My music scores are available on MusicaNeo!

Hallo, Well, it's official. From now on, my music scores are available on MusicaNeo! Right now three scores are published and more will follow sometime in the future. Every now and then I will upload a new work, as soon as I've finished the ...

16.05.2014, News
Invite to my Soundcloud portfolio

Hallo, If you'd like to hear some of my music. You can go and visit:  https://soundcloud.com/aleksander-korab/sets   There you can listen to some of the works that I've composed, or am currently working on.  It ranges from ...

16.05.2014, News
Note for site visitors

Hallo, Welcome to my personal webspace at musicaneo.com. Here you can find basic information regarding my music biography, publications, music activities and future concerts. In the short term there will also be music scores available in ...

Über mich

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my web page on musicaneo.com. Here you can preview, listen to and purchase scores from various works that I've done or am currently working on. More scores will be available when they're ready.

Enjoy your stay. 


Composer / Musician / Arranger / Copyist / Transcriber

On a continuous musical journey, without borders or limitations. For music is truly the universal language to be shared.

Experienced in:

* Composing for contemporary music, animation, film and theater
* Arranging music
* Transcribing music
* Audio mixing
* Copying scores from manuscripts to printable formats
* Researching and applying BOSS GT-10 Sound FX
* Music theory and analysis

Worked for: November Music, Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, Festival CEMENT, Orkest De Volharding, Lumineus Films, Stichting Verhalis, Werp.nl, Theaterkamer


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