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Piotr Aleksander Korab

Composer ~ Music & Sound Design

Piotr Aleksander Korab

Composer / Musician / Arranger / Copyist / Transcriber


From Polish origin - Living and working in the Dutch city of The Hague. On a continuous musical journey, without borders or limitations. For music is truly the universal language to be shared.

Experienced in:

* Composing for contemporary music, animation, film and theater 
* Arranging music 
* Transcribing music 
* Audio mixing 
* Copying scores from manuscripts to printable formats 
* Researching and applying BOSS GT-10 Sound FX 
* Music theory and analysis

Worked for: November Music, Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, Festival CEMENT, Orkest De Volharding, Lumineus Films, Stichting Verhalis, Werp.nl, Theaterkamer

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